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Welcome to Project: Community Ltd.

Our mission is very simple. We work directly with fantastic community groups, sports clubs and not for profit organisations in Stockport and Greater Manchester, supporting you to access funding and develop projects that deliver positive impact to your community.

Working in the community, we see first hand what a difference funding makes. Not to mention the enormous amount of time, effort and passion needed to run a not for profit organisation. Our founder, Hannah Hodgson brings over twenty years experience working in education & training, delivering funded programmes. Hannah now use her professional skills to help not for profit groups like yours to access much needed funds to benefit local communities.

We recognise that for some, funding is a maze of confusion. We can help you break that down, looking at national, regional and local funding sources to support your project.


  1. We only work with projects we can feel passionate about

Our first question is not ‘how much money do you need?’ It’s ‘who will benefit and how?’ Share your story and your purpose. It’s not about ticking boxes, it’s about showing the funder why they should believe in you. We are GREAT at this because we ONLY work with projects we passionately believe in.

2. Our pricing is very transparent.

It’s simple. When you work with us, you know you are paying for time and professional input to help you develop your projects and achieve your goals. We will NEVER, EVER charge commission on any of grant money awarded to your organisation. EVER.

So why would you need expert help? Well, just like if your boiler was broken, you might have a go at fixing it yourself, and maybe it’ll work and maybe you’ll get a short term fix, but ultimately you would probably need to pay an experienced professional to get it right for the long term. And you’ll wish you had contacted them in the first place!

Project: Community provides the skills needed, freeing your time to carry out the tasks YOU are great at, and helps your organisation plan and achieve your goals more quickly.

Why not send me a message and see how we can help you. I’m really excited to hear your project ideas.



Hannah Hodgson

Project Community Ltd, Marple, Cheshire